Lusitanos Riding Centre offers our guests the possibility to ride and improve the skills on our very well trained horses.

However, many riders have their own horses at home and they need regular help to improve their riding and the horses and sometimes it is not easy to do that job alone. 

So, we created a new service, a partnership with one of the best teachers in Portugal, Lorena Faben Souza.

Lorena studied Equine Sciences, she started her work teaching at one of the best riding centre in Portugal, and now she is focused on teaching online. In that way she can follow her clients around the World and they can improve and learn with the best together with their own horses.

She has experience with Lusitano Horses but she can teach all the type of horses and riders too. 

Her main focus in the lesson is the position and balance of the horse and rider, she believes that will give the horse the necessary relaxation to improve

You have the possibility to improve yourself, correct some problems with position, collection, balance or the simple transitions on the horse.

It is also possible to do a high level training, where she has a specific program for this.

She can focus her lessons on the rider, on the horses or on both. 

You choose the type of work you need for you and she can adapt the best program for you.

Why have a remote coaching can be important...

Proud of your success with your horse and have a plan to move forward.

• Are you in a remote area, don't have trailer access, or just haven't found the right person nearby?

• Are you stuck doing the same circles around and around?

• Are you worried that you're causing your horse to develop the wrong muscles and habits?

• Have you hit plateau in your work and are frustrated?

Every rider needs to have eyes on ground, keeping them honest and helping them solve problems.

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