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Hino is a Lusitano Purebreed, 9 y.o., 1,62m. / 15,94h., gelding and with a lot of personality and very clever.  

He need a new owner who keeps him improving on his training and at the same time give him all the attention he need. He like to go out on the paddock and play with us a lot...even to much sometimes! 

He knows all the Lateral Movements, Flying changes, Pirouettes and still improve the Piaffe, Passage and Spanish Walk. When he finish the work he likes kneel on the Reverence to gratify you. He is a very nice and strong horse and need a good rider.

If you want more informations about him, please contact us by email: 

Hino is waiting for you!!!

JAGUAR do Monte Negro

Jaguar 7 y.o. / 1,64m / 16,14h. a Buckskin Stallion available for sale.

Jaguar is a gentle and sweet stallion, very calm and safe. You can enjoy with him Shoulder-in, Haunches-in, Leg Yield, Half Pass, a beautiful Extended Trot who makes everybody fall in love, or a simple and comfortable Canter with some Flying Changes. When you finish you can do a Spanish Walk or keep improving his Piaffe. He loves to learn and improve the exercises, and gives always everything. 

Jaguar can be a Dressage or Working Equitation Horse and at the same time a family horse.

He comes directly from the breeder for the actual owner, but now the life change and they don't have to much time for him so they decide to find a good new home and an owner to keep giving him the best life he deserve.

RX available and he never had healthy problems.

If you want more informations about him, please contact us by email:

Jaguar is waiting for you!!!